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protect project


Sea-level rise (SLR) is one of the most damaging impacts of climate change, threatening the economy, ecology, and entire existence of coastal regions worldwide. The land ice contribution is accelerating, and future SLR is set to become dominated by the highly uncertain behaviour of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. PROTECT (PROjecTing sEa-level rise: from iCe sheets to local implicaTions) will push SLR projections beyond the state-of-the-art and have a long-standing scientific and societal impact by (i) significantly improving our understanding and model representation of ice-sheet processes, (ii) providing a step change in modelling the interactions and feedbacks between atmosphere, ocean, and ice sheets, (iii) improving the robustness of the resulting SLR projections, with a clear propagation of uncertainties from global to regional scales, (iv) assessing the societal implications of high-end ice-sheet SLR over decades to centuries, (v) developing and mentoring the next generation of sea-level scientists. The role of the VUB is to provide new projections of the Greenland ice sheet, including from the new MAR-GISM-NEMO-LIM coupled regional model system, developed and run in the PARAMOUR project up to 2050 and to longer timescales from 2100 and beyond.