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Meru volcano project

Project Meru volcano

Meru volcano - Optimizing the valorization of water and rock resources for improved livelihoods in the Arusha volcanic region. This VLIR UOS TEAM project, in collaboration with Dodoma University and UGent, aims at better characterizing the volcanic rock and underground water resources at Meru volcano, Tanzania, and their interactions.

Volcanoes present many opportunities in term of natural resources as well as challenges for their safe and sustainable exploitations. They are essential reservoirs for groundwater storage and for rock resources with potentials for improving regional economy. However, volcanic rocks are often sources of high fluoride in both surface and groundwater. To account for increased water scarcity, extensive groundwater exploitation of poorly known quantity and quality, as well as high fluorine contents, understanding of the water resources within the Arusha volcanic region is essential. Geological characterization of volcanic rocks is also required to support the safe and rational valorization of this resource.

This project aims at increasing scientific knowledge on these natural resources and research capacities in hydro-geology, environmental and volcano-related geology through collaborations between two Tanzania Earth Science groups and Belgian partners. It will be developed in synergy with local environmental stakeholders and communication of key results to relevant target groups will contribute to improved socio-economic security of local populations. Find more info here.





Meru volcano